Q. Can we fish on the lake?

A. Yes. It is possible to fish on Lac-Simon. You must have a valid fishing license.

Q. What species of fish do you find in Lac-Simon?

A. Several species like smallmouth bass and lake trout in the deeper parts of the lake. It is also possible to find pike and muskellunge.

Q. What are the arrival and departure hours?

A. The arrival is at 5 p.m. and the departure at 11 a.m.

Q. What is the capacity of the Movendo cottage?

A. The total capacity is of 12 adults maximum.

Q.Is is possible to be more than 12 adults if we bring inflatable mattresses or tents for outside?

A. Unfortunately no. Total capacity is determined by the septic tank. Control of gray water is very important to protect our beautiful lake.

Q. Is bedding provided?

A. Yes. Sheets, pillows and warm blankets are provided.

Q. Are towels provided?

A. Yes. All towels are provided for a total of 24 (2 per person).

Q. Do you have everything we need for cooking?

A. Yes. The kitchen is complete will all the necessary.

Q. Does the price varie depending on the number of people?

A. No. The price is the same. We rent a full unit.

Q. Is is possible to swim in Lac-Simon?

A. Yes. No problem. The water is amazing and free of algae blooms. Remerber that children must wear life jacket at all times
Don't forget that children have to wear a life vest at all time.

Q. Do you have boats there?

A. Yes. We have 3 kayaks and 1 pedalo.

Q. Do you have safety vests?

A. Yes. We have 27 life jackets of different sizes. It is mandatory to wear them when you use the boats. Children should wear them at all times on the beach and the lake.

Q. Do you have a dock?

A. Yes. We have a 40 feet dock with a 15 feet bridge.

Q. Can I bring my boat?

A. Yes. You can go down to the water at the marina Lac-Simon. We have a sticker for standard boats. You can put it to the water for free. For other types of boats, some additional fees may be charged.

Q. Can I put my boat in the water directly at the cottage?

A. No. It is forbidden to put your boat in the water from the cottage.

Q. Is is possible to rent a boat?

A. Yes. You can rent a boat at the marina Lac-Simon or at Service récréatif St-Onge. A valid license is required.

Q. Is it possible to do some VTT of snowmobile?

A. Yes. Many trails are accessible in the region. You can buy a map at small cost at the Ultramar of Cheneville.

Q. Do we have access to a washer and dryer?

A. Yes. You can use our 2 washers and our 2 dryers. The soap is needed on site.

Q. Is Internet available?

A. Yes. We have a satellite Internet access.

Q. Can we use the SPA in all season?

A. Yes. It is available 12 months a year.

Q. Does the cottage have air conditioning?

A. Yes. We have a BOSH geothermal system.

Q. Is is possible to organize a wedding at the cottage?

A. Unfornately no. The place is not adapted to receive a large amount of people for a wedding.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. It is forbidden to bring animals. This is to control allergies to hair or saliva.

Q. What is the nearest ski hill?

A. You are about 40 minutes from the ski slopes of Mont-Tremblant.